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Management Chart


Management Chart

We now have Administration Department, Business Department, Purchasing Department, OperationDepartment and Finance Department.

Our organizational structure is constructed according to the nature of functions. The topmost is the general manager, who is responsible for the company's strategic decision-making, coordinating the administration department, business department, purchasing department, operation department, andfinance department. These five departments are directly responsible to the general manager.

The Administration Department

is mainly responsible for the company's training, remuneration, performance, work-related injuries, external contacts and other functions.

The Business Department

is mainly responsible for the development of customers, the establishment of
cooperative relationships and the mining of sales channels.

The Purchasing Department

is mainly responsible for product development, project product inquiry, project order procurement and documenting.

The Operation Department

is mainly responsible for the sales and operation of the company's own brand products on major platforms.

The Finance Department

is mainly responsible for arranging and coordinating the company's funds, so as to maximize the rational use of funds.

We always firmly believe that the organizational structure of an enterprise is the most basic structural basis for the operation of enterprise processes, department setting and functional planning.
A reasonable assembly structure can make the enterprise run at a high speed, and at the same time point out the promotion path for the internal personnel of the enterprise, and improve the vitality of the enterprise.